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Farrah Abraham Already Knows She'll Let Her Daughter Get Plastic Surgery

Farrah-Sophia-Plastic-Surgery In an interview with RadarOnline , Farrah Abraham admitted she would totally allow her daughter Sophia --who's only 4 years old right now--to go under the knife if "there's something that she can't live with." The Teen Mom star, who's had over $30,000 worth of plastic surgery herself, said she'd support her daughter but only after she turns 18. "I waited until I was 18. If she would like to do that, she's her own adult," she remarked. In Abraham's defense, she's not expecting her daughter will need to do any nips and tucks . She explains, "I'm supportive, but I don't think in any way shape or form she will need that. She's a very Farrah Abraham tape watch adorable, good looking, great kid." All we can do is hope that little Sophia does, in fact, decide to learn from her Mom... And do the exact opposite. We really don't need a Backdoor Teen Mom 3. Farrah abraham's most outrageous quotes

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